Hey Mama,

What if you could love on your body, love on your life and feel fierce and powerful? Finding joy in movement, adventure, experiences with those you love the most and life's little pleasures. Just like a mama who is a powerhouse creator of life should be!

I am here to help you do just that! 

Mama it is TIME to heal + release post birth + soul trauma, to fall in love with your life as you transform your body and reclaim your power!

You have everything within you to create the change and transformation you desire, but your beliefs about yourself, the story you have let consume you, handing your power to others and not being able to trust that you have the inner strength to overcome the obstacles in front of you has held you back until now. 

  • You feel broken
  • You feel helpless
  • You feel frustrated
  • You feel stuck
  • You feel unheard
  • You feel unsupported
  • You feel unmotivated + fearful to move

Deep down you know what you want, but you are unsure of who to turn to, to help you get there. 

In a time when I was struggling emotionally, physically and spiritually after the diagnosis of prolapse post the birth of my daughter. I invested a lot of time, money and energy trying to find the answers to help me heal and transform, so that I could start living my life again. I wanted someone to come in and lovingly project manage my journey, mentor me through the process and create a team of coaches and professionals that I needed in order to get the transformation I desired and deserved. 

I was burnt out, unbelievably fatigued, overwhelmed, always seeking validation from the wrong sources, angry at my body for failing me, consumed by my story and defined by my dysfunction.

I felt stuck at home as a new mama, unsure of who I was, and what I was now here to do, and what my body was capable of doing now that I had prolapse, what movement I should or shouldn't be doing - very uncertain of my future.

I eventually made a CHOICE to no longer be defined by my prolapse and the story I was holding onto, I went on an epic journey of healing + transformation. To come to love and trust my body again, see it for the vehicle that allowed me to love and live a full + rich abundant life.

I started finding joy in movement again, I came to find the adventure in life and started craving using my body to do the things that loved to do!

Your struggle ends here mama.

It is time to shift and make a CHOICE to be more, have more and release the power your birth + soul trauma has held over you until now.

What is The Mama Miracles Movement?

Is a movement where you are privately mentored to heal + release your trauma around your birth and the after affects of what that has brought for you, that can be impacting your ability to life a life you love, trust your body, your right to choice and come to reclaim that power that you have everything within you to create the transformation you desire and deserve.

What is post birth + soul trauma?

Post birth + soul trauma as defined by The Movement Room is emotional. physical and spiritual suffering as a result of struggling with any of the below after the birth of your baby;

  • Prolapse
  • Post natal depression/anxiety
  • Incontinence 
  • Avulsions 
  • Pelvic/back pain affecting daily life
  • Births that didn't go to plan
  • Struggling with #mumlife

Please note : I am NOT a Women's Health Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist - I am not claiming to heal your dysfunctions, nor replace the right professionals that you need, just mentor you on your adventure back to where you want to be, help you with movement + emotional shifting to get you to a place where the dysfunctions are not dictating how you live your life. I will help you find the right professionals to help you be on your Femme squad!

Being diagnosed with a physical dysfunction, or emotionally struggling post birth can heavily impact how we show up in everyday life. 

Have you been feeling....

  • Like a failure?
  • Broken?
  • Not sexually attractive?
  • Restricted?
  • Frustrated?
  • Distressed?
  • Angry?
  • Overwhelmed?
  • Stuck?
  • Fatigued?

Often our emotions are dismissed and not acknowledged by those around us,  you may be feeling unheard and have a lack of clear direction on how to move forward? That is why I am here to guide and support you through this time - as I too felt unheard, unsupported and unsure of who to turn to.

Why invest in The Mama Miracles Movement?

Investing in mentoring, guidance and a team who could help me get to where i wanted to be, answer my never ending questions and find that inner divine strength that I was not in-fact broken but just at the beginning of another journey was the best gift I could have ever given myself, my daughter, my husband and those who I loved around me.

After the birth of your baby where things haven't quite gone to plan or how you expected #mamalife to be, there is a process of coming to realise that you have everything we need within you to come to find JOY in those things you once loved that perhaps have had to take a bench seat. Like fitness/movement, new experiences, sports, travel, a business venture - whatever you used to love to do, the things that fire you up!

You go through a recalibration of sorts to reconnect back to what you value most, and who you are at that deeper level. 

This is not a journey you have to go on alone, you do not have to have all the answers, you do not have to take the weight of all of this on your shoulders!

Your struggle ends here - I am here to help you.

Do you want to bring back that sense of FUN and adventure into your life?

Do you want to feel like a fit and fierce mama again?

Do you want to love that powerhouse creator body of yours?

Do you want to find joy and vitality in the things that you once loved to do?

Do you want to come to know yourself at a deeper level?

Do you want to not live in fear of your dysfunctions or emotional struggles?

Do you want to feel like the sexy mama you are?

Do you want to rekindle that intimacy with your partner or husband?

Are you ready to kick arse and INVEST in YOU?

Then maybe you have found your tribe girlfriend! The struggle ends here - THIS is the start of the next chapter of your adventure.

By the end of our time together you will have...

Taken back control of calling the shots on your life, you will see that your story doesn't dictate or define you, that you have everything within you to create long lasting change and the transformation that you desire and deserve. You will have been gifted with the tools to continue to make change confidently from a place of inner divine POWER. You will find joy in movement again, you will start seeking adventure and living in those things that light you up again. You will see your body for the powerhouse creator that it is. How incredibly amazing would that be! 

I am committed to helping you create the miracles that you want to see within your life - after all we are here to live out a purpose with vitality. I will be relentless in helping you create that adventure of a life that you want to be living, we will source the team of supporters that are needed to help you get to where you want to be, and I will hold your hand the whole way matching your energy. So BRING it girlfriend - we got work to do.

What do you get?

Monthly membership program to help you step into your power! 

  • 1 x 60 minute mama mentoring skype session per month.
  • Words of Empowerment (Education filmed with experts in their fields).
  • Access to Mama Movement Membership
  • Mama Miracles Modules to help you deeply shift + transform.
  • E-support Monday - Friday.
  • BONUS 15% off at Move Your Body to spoil yourself with luxe activewear.
  • Access to upgrade to add support team to help you heal, shift and step into the divine mama you are (additional costs apply).

All for $247.00 per month - once off payment with the option to continue or to change level of support.

Let's adventure together, apply for your Free Mama Chat NOW to see if we are a good fit to work together.