The body craves movement, in all different ways, all different directions and in all different intensities. 

Think about athletes, when you watch them move they have rhythm, flow, move freely and seemingly effortlessly. Why? They are having fun, they have a positive emotional connection to movement, where they don’t over think it, they have conditioned their bodies for this exact moment and are able to trust in their body, and in its capabilities and can just enjoy moving.

We will condition you for whatever stage of fitness you are in right now, think of it as if you are embarking on an adventure to better health.

Adventures are both an exciting and daunting experience.

So we need to prepare you for the daunting times to allow you to be safe and effective in all that you do in your daily lives, and ensure you are conditioned to live the lifestyle that you want to be leading.

So settle for nothing less than movement that allows you to play, get creative and be full of variety.


This is movement based training, that is a mix of traditional movement patterns and some that you are less likely to see in a gym, that is the fun part.

This is to ensure that the body is moving in a way that is authentic to real life scenarios and is conditioning you not only for your goals, but also for REAL life, so that you are safe and effective in every movement and activity in your day, and become more aware of your body and can still be challenged.

Ensure you thoroughly read How to Use The Programs, to ensure you understand how the membership site works.

A quick reminder!

Complete your Life Check In - so you know how long  you will be doing each movement for,  how long you will rest in between each movement and how many rounds to complete.

Complete the freeing, mobilisation and choose a warm up from Warm Up + Recovery.

Complete your chosen Movement Session.

Finish with some freeing and zone breathing to recover the body from your session, found in Warm Up + Recovery.


Progression is needed, but we also need to consider real life when we train. So when it comes down to it in my experience it is about consistency of movement, good food, lots of hydration, movement recovery, good sleep. These things in our lifestyles today are always compromised so making sure you are honest in your Life Check In . How does real life look for you TODAY before you begin your session. How are you really feeling?


YES! Every month new movement sessions will be uploaded to continue to give you lots of variety, I may also sneak in some more warm up options.

An email will be sent when new content has been uploaded.


Absolutely! You are a apart of a private online community that gets exclusive access to me online! I will be posting regular information and answering questions and coaching within this community. If you are needing a once off deeper coaching there is the option to have a Skype session with me at an additional cost you can book that here, by emailing me to schedule a session - they are dependant on my availability.