You can do 3 – 4 sessions a week, session times will vary based on your Mum Life Check In or Fit Women Life Check In.

Your session will be broken down to these steps below in this order.

Start with your Mum Life Check In or Fit Women Life Check In

Complete the freeing work and mobilisation and choose a warm up option to start off your session as per Warm Up + Recovery.

Choose a Movement Session that you would like to do that day.

Finish off your session with some of the mobilisation and zone breathing to recover the body as per Warm Up + Recovery.

For a deeper understanding of these steps see below.


Within each program there is a Warm Up + Recovery session to be completed before you start your working phase (Goal Based Movement).

The Warm Up + Recovery session will take you through a series of freeing and mobilisations in order to get your body moving efficiently and able to work as a whole.

Freeing work is a way that you can massage and manipulate tissue that will allow the body to move more freely and feel better.

Mobilisations are movements that allow the body to ‘free up space’ to allow it to move better, letting you have a more effective movement session, feel less restricted and have better rhythm and timing.


This is where you get to move and sweat!

Dependant on the appraisal of yourself as you are today in the Check In, will determine the amount of time you will be doing each movement (exercise) for, how many rounds you will complete and how long your rest period is in between each movement (exercise).

Remember we are trying to value add to the body not deplete it! You want to feel energised and better at the end than when you started.


Recovery is an important part of any movement session. This is the time to replenish the body and essentially prepare it for your next session or for what you need to you in your everyday life.

This is also the time to breathe and become centred.

You can complete the same mobilisations as in the Warm Up + Recovery within the program you are in, and end with zone breathing to relax and let go of the pelvic floor.


The equipment needed is a tennis ball, golf ball, dumbbells, resistance band with handles, fitball, mini resistance band, pool noodle, pack of balloons and cheap ball.

Each Movement Session will tell you what equipment is needed for that session. 

Ideas on where to purchase equipment are below.


There is always a way to make a movement harder and easier - you will find these options written in the printable downloads within your Movement Sessions, under progression and regression.

Do not go for the harder version until you have mastered the original movement, if the original movement feels too hard drop down to the easier option.

When moving you want to feel like you have fluidity, good rhythm and timing. If you feel like the movement is feeling strange then slow it down, decrease the resistance or weight or drop to the easier option.

You SHOULD NOT have pain when moving, skip that movement and go to the next one, and contact me within your online coaching community to discuss options, or adaptions that can be made.

If a movement doesn't feel right, move on to the next movement and reach out to me via our private online coaching community and we can work through what is happening in your body.


Each of the below affect the tissue in your body and how it performs, how it moves and how it feels. 

So it is vital to know where your body is on that day, and look at what can we do to create change in the areas that you identify require some improvement.

Prior to beginning each session your Mum Life Check In or Fit Women Life Check In should be completed to determine the intensity of your session, the timing of each movement pattern, how many rounds will be completed and how much rest is required in between each movement.

Things to take into consideration when completing your Mum Life Check In or Fit Women Life Check In;

  • Hydration (how much water have you had today, was it enough?) 
  • Emotion/Stress (what has happened in your day, what situations have had you feeling stressed/emotional or anxious?)
  • Sleep (how much sleep have you had, was it restful, what time did you go to bed, what time did you wake up?) 
  • Movement (what movement have you been doing today, have you been seated at lot at work, have you been standing all day, have you had to breastfeed a lot today?, has your movement been repetitive actions?) 
  • Nutrition (what have you eaten, have you eaten enough, have you eaten too little?) 
  • Connection (how connected to you feel to those around you?) 

Be honest and it is all about where you are at that given moment, TODAY.

Once you have considered where you are really at TODAY choose what best describes how you are feeling. That will tell you based on the chart below how long you will do each exercise/movement for, a choice of how many rounds or times you will do that exercise/movement for in that movement session and how long you will rest between each exercise/movement before moving onto the next one.