Hey legends!

Move For Mental Health is an initiative to empower people to move, get outside, play, experience, adventure and explore more to boost mental wellbeing and reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

Since 2017 this initiative along side our hiking team and supporters have fundraised over $68,000 for The Gidget Foundation, a not for profit who aims to help new and expecting parents who are living with perinatal depression and/or anxiety. Every $1000 we have raised helps support a family for a year through their #starttalking telehealth counselling service.

In 2019 we hope to raise another $32,000 to reach a $100,000 combined total in under 3 years helping 100 families across rural and remote areas of Australia start living and not just surviving again.

The Move For Mental Health Initiative aims to;

Raise awareness for the power of movement and nature as protective strategies for mental wellbeing and to reduce the symptoms of mental illness.

Provide different opportunities for people to get moving and adventuring more to start living not just surviving.

Encourage exploration of movement that inspires and brings hope. For where there is hope there is LIFE!

Start conversations and give others the permission to speak up and seek help.

Reduce the stigma that prevents people from help seeking through story telling and education.

Fundraise to support not for profit organisations that are doing incredible work in this space.

How can you help?

Move For Mental Health was founded in 2017 by Kylianne Farrell after her own personal journey to uncover and study the impact that movement, adventure, play and the outdoors has on a journey to recovery and the management of symptoms of both ADHD and severe depression/anxiety.

Kylianne is a ecotherapist, counsellor, fitness industry educator and presenter, personal trainer, mental health first aid instructor, mental health advocate and a The Gidget Foundation Ambassador.