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Congratulations for joining the movement and bringing a little human into the world.

Is this for me? Level One is for the mama who is in the 0-6 week post natal period, where you will be building the foundations for everyday movement, healing the core system + connecting to the breath and pelvic floor in movement!

Movement in these early stages post birth is about healing, reconnecting to the breathe, pelvic floor and core. As it is a system and needs to be reorganised after carrying a baby for up to 10 months.

Think of birth as a contact sport, when an athlete suffers an injury they have a team of professionals to help them heal, reconnect and integrate back to being back at the elite level.

They have a focus on mindset, rehab, nutrition, hydration, rest and recovery.

This is the same for you.

These are all pieces of the healing puzzle.

This is the first stage of conditioning you for the real demands of being a mum.

This stage of the post natal movement program will consist of freeing work and mobilisation to encourage hydration to the tissue and healing, reconnecting the breath to the diaphragm, pelvic floor, incorporating strategies to move towards healing and not away from it, like nutrition, hydration, stress management and mindset.

The first movement session is suitable for new mamas up until 6 weeks, when you will get a clearance from your doctor or ideally a Women's Health Physiotherapist. It is a focus on pelvic floor activation, re-organising the breath and posture and integrating the breath and pelvic floor into movement in your every day mum life activities.

The second movement session focuses more on adding a little bit of strength into the movements to build the foundations ready to move in the next level of movement sessions. These can be done from 6-12 weeks post natal.

This stage is about you connecting with your little human, healing and reconnecting to yourself as a new mumma.

We are wanting to safely and effectively build the foundations so that you are ready for gentle movement when you are cleared.

In my experience in this stage mummas goals are based on expectation, of what they perceive they need to be doing, from getting your pre baby body back to losing fat.

This is not going to get you results because your goals are not in alignment with you or in accordance to your values.

You need to give yourself permission to go slow, heal and build the foundations. You wont get this precious time back so be kind to yourself and realise that this is a process.

Equipment Required

X Resistance Band

X Mini Resistance Band

X Dumbbells

X Fitball

X Step/Chair/Box