Movement Counselling Contract

This contract is between Kylianne Farrell (qualified movement coach and counsellor) and you as the client as stated below. Integrated movement counselling sessions are not standard counselling sessions nor are they standard personal training sessions, they are combined movement and emotional support used as a coping strategy when dealing with emotional struggles. Please be aware that I can not give advice or opinion, but rather help with strategies and tools to help over come emotional challenges, you act as the expert in your own life and I am here to guide and support you in that journey. I use a integrated approach where movement, play, coaching, curiosity orientated approach, person centred therapy, solution focused therapy and mindfulness techniques may be drawn upon as needed by you as the client. I am committed to providing you with a safe, supportive and comfortable environment. My approach does not focus soley on the problem but rather helping you explore the opportunities for growth in every situation so that you can continue to move forward and come to understand yourself on a deeper level.
The content of the sessions are confidential to you and me. I will need to discuss my work with my supervisor to ensure I uphold the highest standard of service. I will use your first name but not use any other identifying details about you. On very rare occasions if we discover there is a need to communicate with other professionals, this will only happen by first seeking your permission and knowledge of what is going to be discussed. I make brief notes after each session this helps me monitor my work. You will not be identified from these records and they are securely stored. There are times when what we have discussed may need to be disclosed those times are; - If you are a risk to yourself or others - I am required to by a court of law - Mandatory reporting of child abuse
Sessions will be 60 mins twice a week for a month until the next booking period is opened up, a commitment to a minimum of eight sessions paid up front is required (unless advised otherwise or another agreement is made).  Sessions will be held at The Movement Room studio at 25 Walkington Circle, Millars Well. Unless other arrangements are made. You are free to terminate your session package but no refund will be given, as this commitment to eight sessions acts as a package. If you are unable to make a session please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me at or text at 0406950182 to cancel. I can not see you if you are under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol, if this is to occur the session will be cancelled and money forfeited. 
If we have been in a relationship (non sexual), whether friendship or business, during the time that we work together boundaries must be kept where we have a client/counsellor relationship until which time as our sessions terminate, in order to abide by ethical standards.  If you are bringing small children/babies with you, please be aware that they are your responsibility and I and The Movement Room are not liable for any injuries or accidents. Please ensure that you have read the above very carefully before signing the below contract. 
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I agree to sign this client contract, I also agree to the The Movement Room Terms and Conditions as provided in the link below this online contract. By choosing yes it acts as a signature on your behalf to understanding all of the terms and conditions.