Integrated Movement Counselling

A #moveformentalhealth initiative.

Integrated Movement Counselling is a combination of movement and emotional support used as a coping strategy to help mamas one on one, in the ongoing journey to recovery from emotional struggles post birth like depression/anxiety. 

We aim to help mama's reconnect to their bodies and how they are the vehicle to live life fully, find what movement can bring emotionally, create opportunities for powerful forces of growth to overcome emotional challenges, to realise potential, explore, adventure, spark curiosity, give permission to play and reconnect to self, nature and others. 

We believe that everyone has the right to emotional support and guided movement in the battle against mental illness in our community, and we aim to be the change that we want to see in the world, we want to contribute by offering sessions at affordable prices by creating our own rebate funded and supported by those in our community both local and nationally, through the sale of social impact tees and tanks.

Each #moveformentalhealth social impact tee or tank sold goes towards allowing us to significantly reduce the session cost for mamas who are emotionally struggling post birth in the Karratha community. They also aim to raise awareness for the POWER of movement as a coping strategy in the battle against depression/anxiety.

To support our work buy your social impact tee or tank HERE NOW to help us start conversations and create impact in communities across the world.

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