Join the MOVEMENT. Take the CHALLENGE. Be the CHANGE

Please note this is a BEST of the M4MH Online hike six week program, adapted from the 12 week version. There is no welcome pack but there will be the opportunity to purchase some of the welcome pack items in the shop. There are NO prizes in the 6 week version.

Are you looking to challenge yourself mentally, physically and emotionally?

Do you want structure and movement away from the ’6-week’ bikini or shred programs? Something holistic and nourishing that builds you up from the inside out?

Are you wanting to create global impact around mental health?

Are you called to be a part of something bigger? To align yourself with an authentic community that’s founded on social advocacy?

Or do you want to show yourself that you can. That you are strong and that you can make a stand for yourselves, and for those who can’t.

For so long, mental health has been the invisible illness. The thing we don’t talk about and in too many cases; the silent killer.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 Australians experience mental health

  • 8 Australians pass away from suicide every day

  • For every death by suicide, it is estimated that as many as 30 people attempt to end their lives. Deaths by suicide in Australia occur in males 3 x higher than females.

What can I do?

The Movement Room is built on principles of movement, protective strategies and nature-based mindfulness tools to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. Our programs and the #WeMoveForMentalHealth initiative is a global stand for mental health; making it visible, accessible and a part of the everyday conversation.

The M4MH Online hike is a call to action for movers, shakers and mental health innovators all over the world. A chance for you to make mental health visible. To walk, to talk, to show up as part of something bigger.

To challenge yourself emotionally, mentally and physically; creating transformative change in your lives, the lives of those around you by reducing the stigma surrounding mental health by starting conversations through your actions!

Join the MOVEMENT. Take the CHALLENGE. Be the CHANGE

About The Program


The M4MH Online Hike is a holistic 6 week challenge. “The best of the track” journey designed to challenge and inspire you mentally and physically, so you can experience what it’s like to hike the famous 135km Cape to Cape Track in South West of Western Australia.

You’ll receive daily step challenge to get you moving more often, exclusive workouts, fortnightly mindfulness tools, a Nutritional plan prepared by Sarah Moore Wellness, a Facebook group and weekly challenges, tutorials and resources to keep you motivated and inspired over the 6 weeks. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s included.

Private Facebook Group

Using the powerful, positive side of technology to connect a community of people working towards change together!

You will be able to connect with others who have signed up to complete the M4MH online hike, this is where all the magic will happen in terms of sharing stories, experiences and visuals of how your hike is playing out.

You will also have access to your coach, team ambassador and experts in different fields.

You will be able to access from anywhere with internet connection, the absolute beauty of an online program.

Daily check-in emails (all themed based on week)

Your daily emails will hit you with facts, encouragement, reminders, tips and ideas about your online journey DAILY to make sure you are on track, supported and guided in all aspects.

Each email will be based on theme of the week to ensure you feel like you are there hiking the Cape to Cape track alongside us.

1 Themed Movement Session a week

Each week you will get a workout that will simulate the physical demands that the body endures hiking from Cape Naturalist to Cape Leewin in the South West of Western Australia. From soft sand to the 30 peaks of day four of the hike get ready for some amazing creative full body workouts that will wanting to book your next adventure to get more of the high that hiking brings.



1 Mindfulness tool fortnightly

Three nature mindfulness tools to help you explore the power of nature to ground the senses and unlock your sensory awareness to help you overcome emotional challenges and connect deeper to sense of self for less stress and more fulfilled life.

1 Facebook post a week

A post from your coach each week to help you on your six week online hiking journey! Everything from educational content, guest speakers and check ins you will never feel unsupported.

1 Themed Movement Challenge a week

Each week there will be a challenge for you to complete based on what it is like to hike the Cape to Cape track, allowing you to experience what it is like physically and mentally to hike 135kms of some of the most stunning coast line in Australia.


Nutritional Plan

Partnering with Sarah Moore Nutrition she has created a mood boosting nutritional plan to support you with nourishing foods throughout the six weeks. Educational information around the why and how and packed full of simple, easy and delicious recipes suitable for the whole family!


1 Educational Videos a Week

Each week you will get a educational video that will help you on your emotional journey throughout the six weeks, all things that come up to work through as you hike the Cape to Cape track over the seven days, tools that can applied any time anywhere to overcome challenges.


What do I need?

In order to participate you will need to have access to a step tracker! When signing up for the program you will receive suggestions on where to purchase in different price ranges!

Every step you take can help change the lives of those who live with mental illness . Not only are you transforming yourself, you’re impacting your group, your family and friends and every single person who follows, watches or hears about this epic movement.

Are you ready to make your mark?